Eighth Message

Here it comes…


Kevin dear,

Wow!, you have my pictures pasted on your wall, i’m short of words right now, thank you so much. When i get back i would like us to hang out and get to know each other better cause i believe we share a lot of things in common and you’re the kind of guy i can see myself with for the long haul..But i’m worried right now because the seminar had already been concluded but something happened that is causing delays on my flight back.
What happened is that when i tried rescheduling my flight,the airline agent told me that i don’t have enough funds on my credit card,so I had to contact my card company since i knew the funds i left there and when the reports came i was told that i purchased some phones which i never did.i called my bank that issued the card and all they told me was that someone must have hacked my card and an identity theft was placed on my card and the investigation would be on when i get back ,it should not take more than 2 days to refund my money but i have to be home cause the Fraud department confirm to me they have lost over 1 million dollars to this kind of fraud and the insurance company are complaining.Now the airline agent is insisting i get the remaining funds before my flight can be scheduled,so sorry this happened before we met.

I have already used the remaining cash i have to settle the hotel bills and pay a deposit with the airline agent ..i have less than $40 with me here and i have to pay a balance of $750 to the airline agent so they can book me on a next flight out.
If i can get some help in anyway even if its a short loan,i will refund it,just to get my account reactivated.I think they got my online banking information..I cant get stuck out here..Its too risky for me.If you would be able to help me out on this i will forever be grateful and you will never be disappointed even if its important i have to refund it and i swear on my late fathers Grave never to let you down.I am so disappointed in myself right now.

I hope to hear from you soon.

I am online now.



I wasn’t online when she sent that email, and even if she was. I didn’t want our correspondence to end via chat. I wrote back the next morning, after deciding to pretend like I had a friend in London.



That’s crazy! Sorry babe, you sent your email so late last night I didn’t see it until this morning! Anyways, I’ve figured it all out for you! A friend of mine lives in London and she has the money for you! She is super nice, and a good friend of mine and our other friend Katie. I know she will help you out.

Don’t worry about paying me back babe, just knowing you’re safe is payment enough! Let me know when you get to Katie’s house so I know everything is working out!

Her address is:
57 Avenue Rd
London, UK

Worried about you!


|  On Friday, June 20, 2014 9:02 AM, Kevin McCoy
|  <kevinmcocean@gmail.com> wrote:
|  Hey Jessie!
|  It’s been awhile, how are you? Hey, I have a huge favor to
|  ask. A friend of mine is in London right now and she’s having
|  problems with her travel agency. Can you send me your
|  address?
|  She probably needs a place to stay because she’s out of
|  money over there due to a problem with her credit card. Also,
|  she needs $750 for the flight home. I am wiring you $900
|  for your trouble, you should receive it soon.
|  Thanks so much,
|  Kevin

||  On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 10:16 AM, Jessica Stanley
||  ‪<jessieluvsya17@gmail.com>‬ wrote:
||  What the fuck Kevin!!! Are you kidding me right now!?!?! I
||  told you to NEVER TALK TO ME AGAIN!!! I don’t know if you
||  realized this or not, but MY HUSBAND is still fucking pissed
||  about the time he walked in on us having sex!!!! Don’t ever
||  message me again!! I don’t want my husband to think we’re
||  still in contact!!!

|||  On Friday, June 20, 2014 10:45 AM, Kevin McCoy
|||  <kevinmcocean@gmail.com> wrote:
|||  Jessie,
|||  Oh my god Jessie, hahahaha! That was like two years ago!!
|||  Is he still mad? Tell him to lighten up! Anyways, I really
|||  need your help. This girl is a friend of Katie’s, so stop being
|||  a bitch! Hahaha! I need your address so she isn’t wandering
|||  the streets of London alone, lol.
|||  Kevin

||||  On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 12:02 PM, Jessica Stanley ‪
||||  <jessieluvsya17@gmail.com>‬ wrote:
||||  Fuck you Kevin. Fuck you so fucking much.
||||  57 Avenue Rd
||||  London, UK


At this point, I’m literally pointing out that this girl is a hypocrite to the extreme. One thing she’s said over and over again is that she hates liars and cheaters. Well, from those messages from Jessie, looks like I might be a cheater…

She never replied, so I sent another message.



You ok? I just talked to Jessie and she hasn’t heard from you yet! Did you find a place to stay or figure out your credit card problems?

Miss you babe, stay safe!



This also never got replied to, so I decided to end this the only way that felt right: The End

One thought on “Eighth Message

  1. Kevin,
    Thank you so much for your blog. Unfortunately this scammer took me to the cleaners once and then tried it again. I bought some reloadable card packs and gave her the number to get back to the US and she said she had not eaten for a day and needed the money asap. She/he then forwarded me her travel itinerary and ticket with KLM airlines in the UK. I went to the KLM website and looked up the booking number and it was valid and registered to Sarah Hardin (Sarah Heather Harding) and sara.hardin24@gmail.com . The thing was the dates and flight numbers on the ticket and on the website were different. One was Feb 8 and the other was March 8th. I thought maybe the airline screwed up or flights changed as they often do. When she got to the airport she claimed that the UK made a new law and was requiring all passengers traveling in a flight over 6 hours to have a travel allowance in case something happened. She was asking for 1000 GBP/1500 USD in reloadable card packs. I found the US Embassy in the UK’s site stating that there is no such thing. I confronted her with this fact and I asked for proof of her identity by copying her passport and doing a video chat with me before I would send any additional money. She said she had to pawn her phone to pay for the hotel bill but gave her number as 214-612-3775. I called the number and no one answered as expected but the voicemail message was weird and went to some extension. At this point it went down hill and “it” has not responded since. I hope someone else finds this blog and stops before it goes to far.

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