Seventh Message

I was amazed I even got responses at this point.


Kevin dear,

I really do appreciate reading from you a lot and i want you to know you are becoming part of my day to day activities. I know what i’ve been through is really tragic and i try as much as possible to put in the past cause that’s where it belongs, i only just wanted you to be aware so if you’re interested in inflicting more pain, please don’t or just let me go cos i can’t take any more of it. I know you’re a good person and that’s why i take out the time to write to you in hopes that i never get to write to anyone this way again except you. You sure know how to spoil a lady with everything you’ve said and i definitely would love to go to the opera with you, thanks for the picture anyway, really nice. Looking forward to meeting you in person like crazy. I love the poem Kevin, really thoughtful of you. With that being said, I think we really do have a lot in common and i will use this opportunity to tell you a little more about myself. I’m not like most models that you must have come across, i was brought up with good morals and ethics. I love movies, concerts, and going out to dinner. I can cook pretty well too. Politically, I’m more conservative than liberal. I would like to think I have a good sense of humor, if you can’t laugh at yourself it probably means you’re too hard on yourself. I’ve never been married. I think for a relationship to work both people need to know what they want and what makes them happy. Having someone in your life is not going to make you happy or complete you per say. Understanding that you can’t fix anyone and no can fix you it allows yourself to love unconditionally.Of course we need to help each other along the way. If you do it together that makes the bond stronger. A win/win perspective.. it’s not a competition. My goals and dreams in life are to live out my purpose to the best to my ability, have a family, love my husband more than myself, to build a successful practice and to have as much fun as possible. For my secrets that will come in time, I don’t know if you can handle them just yet.

My philosophy on life in a general sense is that we have the choice to generate and create what we want every day of our lives… the free will that God has given us. What we choose to do with that is completely up to us. We make our own destiny with God’s guidance. I believe life is about relationships and how we show up in them for each other, whether it’s family, friends, significant other, acquaintances or strangers. Without relationships it doesn’t seem like life would mean all that much.

I will like to know more about your likes and dislikes as well. I’m having some little problems here with my travel agent and i don’t know if you may be of any kind of help.

I hope to hear from you soon.



Oh man, I can’t wait to tell you my likes and dislikes!



I know you’ve had such a difficult past, but I would never hurt you. You, also, have become such a huge part of my life. I made a collage of your photos and hung them by my bed! You’re the first thing I think about when I wake up, and the last thing I think about before I go to bed. I miss you so much, and each day that goes by I feel like you’re becoming a part of me. I want to write you a hundred poems because 97 poems doesn’t feel like enough! I’ve written you three now, but I’m saving some for when you get home.

I’m excited for the opera babe, it’s going to be great! I was thinking of you just yesterday when I was driving home from my mom’s house. I saw a cat in the road and I swerved to hit it! It got so frightened and arched it’s back into a giant ball of fur right before I hit it! I laughed so hard all the way home, I wish you could’ve been there, but no one else saw it. It was so funny!

You asked about my likes and dislikes. I like art, sports, happiness, roller skates, horses (I know I’m afraid of them, but I love pictures of them). I don’t like snails, old people, cats, Kyle, or war. I really like models, you, cookies, good friendships, origami, many X-rated videos, and spaghetti. It’s hard to stop thinking about all the things I like. I want to share my hobbies and interests with you. I think I’m on the same page as you in every single letter you write, it makes me feel so excited! I’m not sure I’ve felt this way about someone before. I also love God and bringing people joy and happiness. I am so thankful God brought you to me.

I got a bonus at work this week! They are promoting me and gave me a bonus as a thank you! I can’t believe how gracious and spiritual God is to me! That’ll teach Henry at work to hoard the copier! I hate that guy so much! He’s probably a lot like your ex-boyfriend, except he’s also ugly. I hope he gets fired.

What is happening with your travel agent, babe? I would love to help any way I can. I have traveled overseas many times, and I’m sort of an expert at it now. I’ve been to Asia, Australia, Canada, and Hawaii. I really love traveling a lot. I should’ve written that in my likes and dislikes!

Don’t every worry about losing me. I am here for you, even with your hard past. I will make sure no one ever hurts you again. Will you send me more pictures of you babe? I want some more so I can add them to my wall.

Missing you like crazy,


Photo Jun 19, 5 38 19 PM copy

Make sure you notice the “People I Hate” list on my wall. Also, there is a gun slightly hidden by my pillow. A lot of people didn’t see those tiny details…

Next, it’s time for “her” to finally ask for money: Eighth Message

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