Sixth Message

She writes back…


I am happy you are interested in learning more about me and l love your enthusiasm and optimism. Love what you did with my photo, it’s very creative, how did you do that? I definitely think buying a house together here in London wouldn’t be such a bad idea but you know how expensive they are right lol? I like your person honestly, you tend to make me laugh and smile hard and i cherish that in a man. You haven’t been forward in anyway, on the contrary, i love the way you talk to me, it’s like you’re sure we are gonna be together, like you have so much faith in us after such a such period, it’s really endearing.

At this juncture, i think you need to know about my family/my background and know that things haven’t been all rosy for me. Well, its a long and touching story to tell that makes me shed tears whenever i remember the past but I’ll keep this short though. I’m from a mixed race, my Mom is from Australia while Dad was from the United States. I am the only child of my parents. My moms family is quite large, so i was told but i don’t think i know any of them which is a shame on my part while my Dads part is considerably small… Unfortunately, i lost my dad in an auto crash, this happened a long time back when i was still a teenager and i had to move down to Australia to live with my mom cos they got divorced before my dad passed. Things started out well in Sydney until my mom’s boyfriend tried to rape me and my mom didn’t even get him arrested or scold him for it. I was pissed and knew i had to leave her and start out on my own. I went over to stay with my grandma and remained there till she died of cancer. I never went back to my moms nor have i looked for her till this day. i moved back to the States some few years back and ever since, i have learned to live my life on my own and not depend on anyone. I still miss my grandma so much because of her love and constant advice which i’m positive made me who i am today. I was treated like a princess while my dad was around but it all changed so fast when he passed away.

I’ve been working out regularly than I had been, and eating healthy… I don’t do drugs, and I like who I am.. Although I think a terrific man would bring out the best in me…I’m a believer in God who pray every blessed day although, i’m more spiritual than religious. I try to do what i think is right in the sight of God always…I don’t worry so much about what people think of me…I know how to treat a man well still yet i was betrayed by my own best friend dating my Ex Boyfriend…

You are really amazing. There is a place inside me where my sweetest dreams reside, where my highest hopes are kept alive, where my deepest feelings are felt and where my favorite memories are safe and warm. I find that you’re on my mind more often than any other thought. Sometimes I bring you there purposely just to make my day brighter. But more often, you surprise me and find your own ways into my thoughts. There are even times when i wake up and realize that i’ve just been dreaming. I know my thoughts are only reflecting the loving hopes of my heart because whenever they wander, they always take me to you. Only the most special things in my world get to come inside my heart and stay. And now, I realize how deeply my life has been touched by you.
Hope to hear from you soon.



At this point, I found her last paragraph in that email in a “You are special” letter template, on a how-to-write website! From there, I found a scam website where many of these same sentences/paragraphs had clearly been copy-pasted from. Interestingly enough, they were from 2010, which means whoever this is has been in the scam business for 4 years now.

P.S. Australian and U.S. is the most amazing “mixed-race”.


Hey babe,

I’m just thinking about you while at work. I attached a photo of me working on my treadmill desk. I work from home, and walk while doing it. It cost a ton of money, but it’s totally worth it if I can stay in shape. I also work out a ton at the gym. A lot of the guys there ask me for help because they wonder how I got so big. I don’t know, I guess God just blessed me with being naturally strong and good looking. Praise be to Him.

Babe, don’t worry about the house price. If we buy one there, then we could afford to visit for a month every year. I’ve saved up a ton of money from living with my friends. I could buy a couple right now, but I don’t want to live alone. But, I don’t know, I’ve been thinking about buying a house recently just so I could cook you a candlelight dinner without my roommates around. I make the best steak pizza anyone has ever had. We could have that and a bottle of wine before I pull out my guitar and sing this song I wrote about you. Well, it’s about you and God, but mostly you. I can’t wait for you to hear it. I played it for my mom and she started crying.

I bought two tickets to the opera next month, I hope you’re available because I would love to take you! It’s a formal event so you’ll have to wear a nice dress if you can come. I’m sure you have many nice dresses from modeling, but let me know if you don’t. I’d love to buy you one, I would just need your size to make sure it fits. I saw this one Jenny Packham dress when I was in Monaco last month and I think you would look gorgeous in it!

I am sorry to hear about your dad and your mom’s boyfriend. My grandma also died of cancer, but your situation sounds so much more terrible because she was the only one taking care of you! You are like a real life Cinderella (I don’t mean that in a mean way), but I want to be your Prince Charming. I will never treat you badly like your family or your ex boyfriend. I promise our future together will be as rosy as it gets. I also have a tiny family, but together we can make our own large family. I think we would have at least 6 children. I hope this doesn’t scare you, but when I get married I want to start having kids right away. Every baby born is like an angel-kiss from God, you know. I want you to know I am afraid of horses so we can never buy those.

I wrote you a poem, I hope you like it. It’s called “In the moonlight”.

You and me together
Our bodies together
We are touching, touching softly
In the moonlight

We are meant to be together
In a place of safety and no clothes
Our hearts are naked together
In the moonlight

I whisper softly to you
In the field by my father’s house
There are no car alarms that night
In the moonlight

I feel we have always been together
My ex-wife is not around
I have feelings only for you
In the moonlight

I miss you so much, each time I hear about your past I feel as if I know you so much better. May God have mercy on the wicked,


Me at Work


Oh man, how could anyone take that email seriously? It’s so over-the-top ridiculous. Please notice the wad of $100 bills on my desk at work.

It actually continues to escalate from here: Seventh Message

2 thoughts on “Sixth Message

  1. Hey Kevin,

    Great blog! I thought her messages seemed weird and crazy so I turned to google and then I found your blog. “Your Sixth Message” is where she is at with me. It is word for word the exact same besides the response to our previous emails. hahaha It funny reading messages 7 and 8 and knowing what craziness is coming up next…… She is from Richmond, VA in her emails to me but she had a eharmony account listed for dallas, tx. Either way, thanks for the laughs with your responses to her!

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