Bagdad Closing Show: Bridgetown 4/21/2013

Draper, Brianna and I went to the Bagdad closing show for the Bridgetown Festival.

I made a ridiculous Vine while waiting for the show to start.

Phoebe Robinson
Matt Kirshen
Kate Berlant

    I truly enjoyed her set. It was like a college thesis using really vague concepts to explain the stage, the show, and life, while at the same time, being complete and utter gibberish.

David Dineen-Porter

    This set was incredibly unique. An Olde English performance, he was looking for a wife for his son whilst sipping sog from an eel’s skull through the thin-white bone.

Alice Wetterlund
Baron Vaughn
Nick Thune
Myq Kaplan
Ron Funches
Matt Braunger
Reggie Watts

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Bagdad closing show, Bridgetown 2013.

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This was my favorite show of the weekend. Nick Thune showed up which totally put a perfect cap on making sure I got to see every comedian I wanted to!


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