August 5th, 2013

I ran into a guy who went to High School with me at QFC tonight. I might remember his name, but I’m not 100% sure I have it right. I walked in and he was staring at me. I was walking past him while he was checking out at the register when a smile crossed my face with recognition. I lifted my hand and gave him a peace sign, and he lifted his hand with a smile as a response. I didn’t stop to talk. We had classes together, but I doubt I’ve said a sentence directly to him in my life. We have nothing to catch up on. I didn’t know his life then and I don’t know his life now. However, I’d bet that he wanted to avoid an awkward conversation as much as I did. We’re both just extras in each other’s lives. We both represent a small memory of time gone past. I don’t know him, but I’m glad he’s still around. The world turns, and grows, and ages, and eventually there will be a time when I never see people from my High School. But for now, that encounter served as a recognition in me of the time that has passed, the ways in which I’ve changed, and the comforting appeasement of recognizing a stranger. Cheers, and until we meet again my incarnation of a memory.

Bagdad Closing Show: Bridgetown 4/21/2013

Draper, Brianna and I went to the Bagdad closing show for the Bridgetown Festival.

I made a ridiculous Vine while waiting for the show to start.

Phoebe Robinson
Matt Kirshen
Kate Berlant

    I truly enjoyed her set. It was like a college thesis using really vague concepts to explain the stage, the show, and life, while at the same time, being complete and utter gibberish.

David Dineen-Porter

    This set was incredibly unique. An Olde English performance, he was looking for a wife for his son whilst sipping sog from an eel’s skull through the thin-white bone.

Alice Wetterlund
Baron Vaughn
Nick Thune
Myq Kaplan
Ron Funches
Matt Braunger
Reggie Watts

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Bagdad closing show, Bridgetown 2013.

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This was my favorite show of the weekend. Nick Thune showed up which totally put a perfect cap on making sure I got to see every comedian I wanted to!


Kurt Tub Show: Bridgetown 4/20/2013

Saw the Kurt Tub show at Bridgetown Comedy Festival!

Kurt Braunholer
Emily Heller
Robert Popper
Dana Gould
Peter Serafinowicz
Matt Braunger
Reggie Watts

Kurt Braunholer came on stage and had us film this Vine.


20130421-191838.jpgDouble noice!