Dating Scam

The thing about dating sites is that there are people out there who make fake profiles, sometimes out of fun, sometimes out of loneliness, and sometimes for a reason we’ll discuss here in depth. Even the profiles that are “real” are generally a very catered and improved version of these people who want to put their best foot forward. There are a ton of reasons why making yourself seem at least slightly better is extremely tempting. People do it on Facebook, so the motivation to do it on a dating website is a hundred times stronger. There was one girl who made three different profiles, with three different names, with photos of three different women just to talk to me. To ME. When I got her on the phone, it became clear it was the same girl and I promptly ended the conversation as I really have no desire to waste my time.

The thing is, though, I clearly have some desire to waste my time. Recently I found myself messaging an internet scammer and I decided to continue responding. I will transcribe the messages in full, but it takes a few messages to get to the good part.

Buckle your seat-belts folks, this departs from reality very quickly.

If you would like to read the story from the very beginning before I had 100% confirmed for myself that this person was fake, start here: First Message

If you would like to read the story from where I decided to take a break from reality and mess back with this internet scammer, start from here: Fourth Message

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