Third Message

So I write back one last real message. Enough people thought it could be real that I decided to write back mostly out of curiosity. I told people at this point I was 95% sure it was fake, but I didn’t know why. The messages were not flirty or interesting, so it didn’t seem like someone was making a fake profile because they were bored or lonely. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, what was the point of this fake profile. It had to be fake right?



That sounds like a fun trip! I’ve never been to London, or anywhere in Europe actually, but I’d love to visit someday. How was the seminar? Did you find it useful?

I’m sorry to hear about your ex, that’s a rough way to have a relationship end. I can’t really imagine what it would be like to be betrayed by both your best friend and your boyfriend, that just sounds awful.

I think it’s good that you feel cautious with who you fall in love with. A heart is a delicate thing, so it’s important to only share it with people who will also respect it the way it deserves. At the same time though, being too guarded also isn’t a healthy thing. Anything worth having requires some risk as well. Just risk it with the right person.

I don’t pretend to know what it’s like being a girl while online dating, but I hear some pretty ridiculous stories. Some of the ones I’ve heard were so strange I wondered how it’s possible that some of these guys actually exist. I guess that’s the downside of internet dating. I’ve even had several strange messages from girls, but I’m guessing that it’s much tamer than what girls receive from guys.

So me, I’m easy going while still being driven. I am able to laugh at myself, and can enjoy pretty much any activity as long as the right people are there. I try to keep people around me who I want to be like. People who I can have fun with, and who will call me out when I’m wrong. I don’t want to stay the same, I always want to be improving and trying new things.

I’m a professional mathematician (Actuary), but I don’t really fit any math stereotypes. I always have a ton of projects going on. You saw the dog portraits I’ve been doing. I act, paint, play music, read, write, edit my friend’s novels, and pretty much whatever sounds interesting to be doing that day. I’m excited for the summer because I plan on having several adventures! Recently, a friend of mine snuck into a festival after-party where at least 10 of the people there had been on Conan or Fallon! That was super fun.

My favorite color has always been red, after a blanket my grandma made me when I was very young. I live with two roommates. My roommate Michael owns the house, and his wife Brianna also lives with us. They got married last month, but they’re not kicking me out. We all enjoy living together, and it’s helping me save up for a house of my own. Every time I mention moving out, Brianna says, “Oh Kevin, you’ll never leave us!”

I’ve grown up around Seattle my whole life. I used to live in Bothell, then Bellevue, and now I live in Northgate. I love Seattle, but I also love traveling. I’ve gone overseas once a year for the last three years. Not sure where I’ll go this year, but I’d like to go somewhere. The last three times it’s been to Southeast Asia with friends. My old roommate Evan lived in Thailand for a year with his wife and I went to visit them during one of the trips.

Where are you from? Do you have any plans for the summer?



I mentioned my favorite color only because she did.

See her response, and the end of reality: Fourth Message

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