Second Message

The Google Plus account had detailed interests and followers. Not just clearly fake interests, but all sorts of them of all different types. It didn’t look like it was faked. She followed NPR, and some local photographers, some fashion blogs, some regular people, etc. There was nothing that really stood out as being unreal. Even more interesting, was there were hundreds of people following her. Guys and girls, and they seemed to be real as well. Now, she did just write me back with somewhat strange English at 4 in the morning, but that Google Plus account would be hard to fake.

Also, there’s like no downside to sending another message. I could always decide I wasn’t interested after the next response.


Hi Sarah,

This is Kevin from OKCupid. You messaged me and told me to get ahold of you here.

How is your day going? I’m meeting up to hang out with a friend later, not sure what we’re going to do yet, but it’s a nice day and I’d like to get outside.

In response to your message, I signed up for OKCupid to improve my opportunities of meeting people. I’m looking for a real relationship that would eventually lead to marriage. I, also, don’t play games. I’m looking for a best friend. It’s hard to find someone who is best-friend caliber that’s a guy, so I’m not surprised that it’s difficult to find that sort of relationship with a girl. Anyways, I’m giving online dating a shot because it gives me a better chance at finding someone I might be interested in, even if it means having to wade through lot of people I wouldn’t.

I wrote you because you seem like you know what you’re looking for in a relationship. I appreciate your straight-forwardness and would like to learn more about you.

If you are interested, I’d love to take you out to coffee and get to know you better. Or, if you’re more comfortable with this, we could chat on the phone so that you would get to know me a little better before meeting in person. My phone number is (206) CEN-SORED.

Let me know, if you’re not comfortable with either of those we can continue to email back and forth for a bit. I’d love to hear about your job, and what you do with your free time.

Hope this finds you well,



I hate writing emails, I’d rather talk on the phone.

She responds 18 hours later, the next morning.


Hello Kevin,

I am really sorry for the little delay in response, i only just realized your mail was in my spam folder. Anyway thanks for keeping in touch and sharing a bit about yourself. I’d like to keep our conversation on an email basis for now if you don’t mind. Well, If you’re not looking to talk dirty and what you seek is something serious and long term then we can move on to getting to know each other better.

Hopefully this will give you an idea of who i am and what I’m about and if you like what you see we’ll go from there. Sounds good? I’m a model and i am presently in London, UK, came down here for a just concluded modeling seminar and should be back in the States in a few days. I am 25 years old and single as you already know, love to laugh and hang around fun loving people. I’m easy to get along with. I have being hurt in my previous relationships but won’t let that stop me from experiencing true love and finding the happiness that i truly deserve. I hate liars, cheaters (can’t stand those cause of my ex!!!!!) and more importantly i love what i do (modeling). I am willing to relocate for the right reasons or the right man if need be, i believe strongly in family values and i am seriously looking for that time when i’ll have a home of my own with my husband and kids. I think life without someone to share the good times and bad times with is an empty one and i don’t think i would wanna choose that kind of life. I have to admit it though, i am kinda cautious about who i fall in love with again cause of the experience i had with my ex ( we dated for 3 years and he ended up having sex with my best friend……caught them in the act). I strongly believe that the success of a relationship depends on both parties commitment and its about giving and receiving. I really hope to meet someone fun and interesting soon. I’m new to this online dating, don’t know about you but it seems like you can’t find a nice honest guy these days so I decided to give this a try. I think of myself as an honest and down to earth, loving, laid back kind of girl. I like trying new things all the time, I’m not a closed minded person, I love dogs not always scared of them,but i lost my puppy when it was just a few weeks old..I love music, sports, food..My favorite colors are hot red and blue and i love the outdoors as much as i enjoy being indoors. I’m not looking for a guy that’s just like me, because then what would be the point in that, I want someone that can show me new things, just as I can show him. So do you live alone? where exactly are you from? Get back soon.



I’m bolding all of the things I find weird.

  • A little delay in response? This was literally the next morning.
  • Keeping it on an email basis is not unreasonable, but it does seem like it could be fake.
  • “I am presently in the UK”? I am presently not talking very colloquially…
  • Hahahaha, Modeling Seminar? That is seriously the largest Red Flag you could ever have.
  • Uh, who said anything about relocating. You said you were living in Seattle on your dating profile…
  • TMI about your ex-boyfriend, maybe wait awhile before sharing that information…
  • That puppy thing is either the saddest thing ever, or the creepiest thing ever. Please don’t go into detail about the most shocking sentence in this email…
  • Is “hot red” a color?

I showed this to some friends. At this point I told people I think it’s most likely this is a fake profile. Several people just thought it might be a strange girl, or someone who has trouble conveying their thoughts through text. And I have received even stranger messages from people I know are real…

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One thought on “Second Message

  1. Holy shit bro. I used eharmony and the girl wanted me to send her an email. So I did, and she replied with a long-ass email with a few pics. I was suspicious and googled a phrase she used “Hopefully this will give you an idea of who i am and what I’m about” and lo and behold I found your site. LOL

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